Friday, February 8, 2013

A Business That Makes You Truly Rich Within Your Reach

Sound Funny...But it's true...

If you're looking for a business that will change people's lives all over the world, well you're in the right place and always at the right time.

Yes, that's International Marketing Group, simply as IMG. A company that gives a big impact that change my money mindset.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was a kid, I really do have a business mindset. At early age 6, my mother Maria makes me a manager of our small business, selling kakanin in front of our house (as I told you a small one). A few years past, I used to buy a small Ice Box...Hhmmm I am now running my own mobile business, selling Ice Buko and Ice Candy to our near Barangays, and give some of what is left to my younger brother. Poverty makes my childhood life harder, but that won't stop me, as another years past, I started to learn how to ride a bicycle, for me to be able to drive our own sidecar to render transportation services. After the hard work, I still find some time to go to church to give some of what I have (more particular is tossing a coin after a short prayer). To make the story short, I am now running my small computer services here in Dasmarinas Cavite, where I can apply most of my skills and talents of what I've learned from the past.

Business was smooth at first, but when bills come, I find myself struggling financially. As a business admin graduate is a shame of me, yes I earn but the problem is, I am lack of financial literacy, especially handling money. Then I realized that poverty is not lack of money, but mismanaged money. As I found myself hunger in financial literacy, a friend of mine Malvin Leano invites me to listen for a short talk with Kuya Benj Santiago. I said to myself, this is it, a turning point, a U turn sign, a time to change my financial direction, because if I will not change, me and my family will be in a bankruptcy situation.

Yes, that's IMG. It's been a long time, that I was looking for a business that helps individuals to achieve financial freedom. People say that it's the same as networking, that there's no difference just to recruit and to earn from recruits. But that's not what I saw in this company, yes we have the same concept of recruiting people...but the difference is we recruit and invite people for them to learn and they will earn from their own savings and investment, that they can be a millionaire even without recruiting or selling anything. In this company, the rich will become richer, and the weak, poor people becomes stronger and will wear a smile on their faces that there's still hope to become truly rich, only to learn the secrets of being truly rich.

What inspires me the most is one of my Spritual Mentor is with IMG, Brother Bo Sanchez. As our leader in IMG, we believe in him, and support with his mission for all families to achieve financial security, that financial security is one priority to achieve our dreams, otherwise we end up bankruptcy, with broken dreams and worst is broken families. Together with IMG and Brother Bo, we build a solid financial foundation and we learned that being truly rich is not measured on expensive things that we possess. Being Truly Rich is when you're surrounded by the people who loves you. Many of us think that being rich is having lots of money, NO it's not. Having lots of money with someone who loves and cares for you is unmeasurable wealth that everyone wants to possess. The most beautiful things in the world are cannot be seen or touched, it must be felt in our heart.

That's make IMG differ with others. This company wants you to prosper not just in money but as a whole. I would like to thank Malvin and Kuya Benj for making me part of their Truly Rich Makers Family. As I encounter more new member here in IMG, they always reminds me of one of Ogie Alcasid's popular song lyrics "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Dumating," Why I never met IMG 15 years before, if only I knew this company before, I will not be scammed or being blinded by promises of numerous fly by night companies with their quick rich schemes, and instant rich operandi. I only said, we're the same, I felt what you feel right now before, but there's always tomorrow, a light after dark, a rainbow after storm, a sunrise after IMG, there's always hope, that all our dreams will come true, just believe, just believe and believe.

Here's how to start with IMG. But, before that, you should have established within yourself the biggest reason why you wanna join IMG?..IMG business is simple, clear, fast, doable but not easy with full of challenges. Being an IMG member is tied up with mission, not just a commission. Commission is just a reward from helping others to achieve financial freedom, we are focused for our guest, for them to learn and not earn more from them. We do this with love, not because of how much money we could earn.

To be able to become a member of IMG, just enroll yourself with wealth academy programs of IMG and execute what you learned. Start Saving and investing for your future. Why? Because IMG wants to assure that every member of IMG is doing what they preach.
Benefits of IMG member:
1. Lifetime Membership.
2. Acquired Position can be transferred to our love one.
3. Unlimited Attendance of Wealth Academy Series.
4. Company Trainings of Business Partners of IMG in (Protection, Investments, Real Estate and more).
5. Direct Access and Earn Unlimited Potential from Company Providers of IMG.
6. No Quota.
7. No Boss.
9. No Timecards.
10. Free consultation and advise on how to save and invest properly from professional financial mentors.
11. Earn direct commission from our financial needs.
12. No boundaries, we have offices all over the world.
13. An opportunity to travel around the world for free.

I am encouraging you all to listen and be inspired of the free financial education seminar scheduled nearest you, that won't cost you  a single cent, absolutely free of charge. and you will be very thankful that you've learned the secrets of wealthy people.

Ooops..I forgot, there's a minimum fee for the speaker...a single clap of appreciation.

I am one text away, if you wish to change your money mindset at the following numbers listed below:

Sun : 0905-8640733
Smart: 0929-1026497
facebook: Jerry Seculles
official website:
office address: 9th Floor Kings Court 1 Bldg., Chino Roces Ave., Makati City


"Have a PLAN for your FUTURE.Than NO PLAN at all."
"Talented and Skilled People don't PLAN to be FAILED, but only FAILED to PLAN."

Thanks for investing time reading my first blog.
May God Bless you always.



  1. Fantastic! Keep this circulating... Keep posting on your FB... and FB of other people you know... Email this also to oyur family and friends...

    1. Yes Idol Kuya Benj...I just want to be a steward of a blessing that given to me...i love to share my experience in IMG, just like you do...